Choosing The Perfect Ring
07 Jun 2016

Choosing The Perfect Ring

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of preparing for your wedding, but the engagement must come first. Never will the left hand of your fiancé be more important than the days running up to your wedding. Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a rollercoaster of emotions, with the peak, of course, being the joy of popping the question.

This ring will sit on the finger of the love of your life for the rest of your days together, so we thought it was only right to equip you with all the knowledge we could get our hands on to make the process less daunting.

We all love tradition now and then, and there’s nothing more traditional than the deep history of the engagement ring, dating back to the years where it was simply made of twine, to the unbelievable diamond rocks we see on celebrities’ fingers today. So what happened in between?
Have a look at this amazing infographic we’ve created with some of the best engagement ring facts we could find. Luckily, now the question’s been popped, the real fun can begin, planning your wedding!


he Complete History of the Engagement Ring

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