Bridal Hair & Beauty Trends 2017

Bridal Hair & Beauty Trends 2017

The New Year brings with it new aspirations, new hopes and dreams – and new trends in makeup, hair, and beauty! Brides can expect an ‘edgy romance’ kind of vibe this year, keeping things looking fresh with soft loose waves, natural barely-there makeup and gorgeous hair accessories.  Here are this year’s trends to inspire you ahead of your big day.


Barely-there makeup

Rather than applying false lashes and going for a bold contour, a natural, more fresh-faced makeup look is on trend this year. Although a very natural makeup look might not be everyone’s preferred choice on their wedding day, it can certainly look very pretty by letting your natural beauty shine through and gives off a subtle, romantic vibe. If you do decide to go for a barely-there makeup look on your wedding day, make sure your skin is kept clean, exfoliated and well moisturised well ahead of the big day. Then, add a subtle champagne-shade on your eyes, some black mascara to your lashes, a touch of natural rosy blush, and some highlight to your cheeks to truly glow on your magical day!

Metallic makeup and bold brows

If you’d rather go for a bolder look on your wedding day, metallic makeup, and bold brows are also on trend – and they’re not as scary as they sound!  With this trend, you can be as bold or subtle as you like and there’s no need to go overboard.  Pop on a beautiful rose gold eye shadow to your eyes, or apply a touch of silver to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up your look. Metallic shades are a great way of adding a bit of an edgy vibe whilst adding depth and dimension to your overall look – and they look great in photos too! Shaping and filling in your brows will really make your eyes pop and frame your face beautifully. The trick here is not to over-apply any product and go for a bold-yet-still-natural look.

Loose waves

There’s something about having your hair in loose waves that looks really romantic. Loose waves are perfect if you want to go for an effortlessly gorgeous look on your wedding day – they feel fresh, modern and unfussy, and there are several ways you can then style loose waves. Simply leaving your hair down or adding a flower crown or elegant tiara can look beautiful. Alternatively, you can go for an undone up-do – nothing that is too ‘strict-looking’ – by tying your loose waves into a low bun and letting a few strands of hair to hang loose and frame your face. You can also add a few small flowers to your up-do for an even prettier look.


Adorned Braids

Braids are everywhere right now – and there’s a good reason for that. They’re easy to do, they’re convenient, and most importantly they can look really pretty! Having braids on your wedding day is great if you want to keep your hair off your face or if you’re worried that your hair might get frizzy throughout the day – it’s then up to you to decide whether you want to leave your hair down or not. Going for a braided up-do is a great option for a summer wedding or if you are getting married in a warmer climate. Adorn your braids with small flowers or hair jewellery to make your hairstyle extra special on your wedding day.

Whatever look you decide to go for, there’s loads of inspiration online on websites such as Pinterest. It’s also important to remember to book your makeup artist and hairdresser of choice well in advance of your wedding day to avoid any disappointment – and have an amazing time looking and feeling beautiful on your wedding day!

Author Bio: Rachel is a freelance content writer who enjoys writing about beauty, fashion, travel, wellbeing and lifestyle. She set up her own beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, Beauty and the Bird, in 2013 and regularly writes about her favourite beauty products, fashion favourites, places she has travelled to, general wellbeing, and blog tips.