The Wedding Jewellery Guide: Engagement Rings for Every Couple

The Wedding Jewellery Guide: Engagement Rings for Every Couple

Engagement rings have been gifted to link couples together for thousands of years.  Egyptians were once buried wearing rings made of a single silver or gold wire on their engagement finger. This finger was believed to be connected directly to the heart by the vena amoris, “the vein of love”.

What better way to start your journey to marriage than with a special ring that will add to the meaning and depth of your relationship. Here are our top picks of wedding gem stones that are perfect for engagement rings.


Diamond Engagement Ring

An Engagement rings is much more than a circle of metal. The circle is a symbol of the sacred bond of marriage that has no beginning and no end. When choosing an engagement ring choose something that will represent the eternity of your relationship.

If you are planning on having a traditional white wedding, there is no other way to go than a diamond engagement ring. The tradition of diamond engagement rings dates back 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a Gold ring set with a diamond as a token of love.

Diamonds are the toughest of all stones, therefore they represent the strength of romantic relationships. After choosing the type of metal that will set your stone the important things to remember about wedding jewellery are:

  • Diamond Size
  • Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Colour
  • Diamond Clarity
  • Diamond Shape

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Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Looking for an alternative to a traditional diamond? Aquamarine Stones are one of the most popular engagement ring choices after diamonds. An aquamarine stone is one of the most romantic choices as it symbolises the courage you and your partner have overcome fears. This ring will act as a symbol of protection on your marital journey.

If your partner appreciates unique semi-precious, they ill love the stunning pale blue colour of an aquamarine stone. Many choose this colour of ring, due to its calming shade and it works perfectly for those who have a more alternative jewellery style.

An aquamarine stone hits 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, therefore it is fairly sturdy.  You may be able to tell from its colouring that This stone comes from the same family as the emerald and looks so enchanting and when well-cut. Known as a “lucky stone” an aquamarine engagement ring will be just the start of your fairy tale life together.

Garnet Engagement Rings

Why not show your commitment to your partner with a beautiful garnet engagement ring? The garnet stone is symbolic and represents devotion. Your fiancé to be will truly appreciate the thought which has went into this engagement ring.

Depending on the ring, garnets can come in a range of colouring. Garnets are very unique and can look different depending on their settings.

In general, a garnet will have a pink-red hue – how romantic?! Garnets are most often found in antique settings and look beautiful paired with stones of other colours.

Just below the aquamarine stone, the garnet has a 6.5 to 7.5 on the stone scale.



Pearl Engagement Ring

If your partner enjoys classic style, then pearls are the most wonderful alternative to a diamond engagement band.

Due to the iridescent quality of this stone it has connotations of harmony, purity and worth. It is true that every girl needs a piece of pearl jewellery, as they are so beautiful and iconic.

Pearl rings are often given as a family air loom engagement ring and look great when worn in either an antique or modern setting.

Pearls are very precious and should be looked after carefully as they can be scratched and tarnished.

Amethyst Engagement Ring

Why not go for something completely original for your bride to be? Purple jewellery carries an aura of calm and serenity which will reflect the nature of you are your soulmates connection.

If your partner wants a less expensive engagement piece that will maintain a sturdy wear an amethyst is a fantastic choice. Lavender stones are perfect matched with rose gold and have a completely romantic look.

An Amethyst is a meditative stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical ways that promote inner-calm, balance, and peace, some thing you will need during the wedding planning process!

Ruby Wedding Stone

What better way to say an eternal “I Love You!” than with a rose red ruby. It is said that a ruby is representative of the opening of the heart, therefore it gains a place at the top of the list for emotive engagement rings.

Just because ruby engagement rings may not be as popular as diamonds doesn’t mean they are any cheaper. Rubies tend to be more expensive as they reach a 9 on the Mohs scale.

We may know the meaning of wedding gem stones but you are the person who is best suited to pick for your loved one. Whatever choice of ring you pick to propose we are sure they will be overjoyed with your decision to move forward into marriage.