Unique Bridal Jewellery for your Wedding Day

Unique Bridal Jewellery for your Wedding Day


There’s nothing quite like a seeing a bride on her wedding day, for most of us, we will never look more beautiful. So, what makes a bride beautiful? Well, first it’s the ethereal glow that follows her around on her wedding day but secondly, it’s the stunning bridal gown and the perfectly placed accessories that tie the whole look together.

Gone are the days of each bride looking the same, 2016 is the year of unique accessories with brides embracing the infinite selection of beautiful options available to create a bridal style as whimsical as you desire.

Hand Chains


Now you’ve chosen your engagement ring, it’s time to think about what other jewellery can complement it. Your wedding day may be the most important day of your left finger’s life, but that doesn’t mean your right hand has to be abandoned. Why not take inspiration from traditional Indian weddings with a hand chain? The Hindi word for this accessory is “Hathphool” which translates as the perfectly descriptive “hand flower”. These chains can be as delicate or as bold as you like;  the minimalist bride can choose from a single chain to add a touch of shimmer or for the boho bridge, a chain that’s adorned with precious stones to add a burst of colour.

Floral Crowns

The flower crown has been growing in popularity for years now, and it shows no signs of slowing. They remain one of our favourite accessories thanks to their versatility. For the spring bride, a thin wreath in pastel shades will evoke the romantic feeling of a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, and for the winter bride; deep reds , greens, and twine will compliment your fur wrap perfectly. A flower crown doesn’t mean you have to ditch the veil. Simply pin your veil to the back of your crown for an extra dimension to your look.


Jewelled Headpieces

A stunning headpiece can bring your whole bridal look together, especially if you have a busy dress that won’t benefit from a veil.  Though, a dramatic piece can be just as successful at bringing a minimalist gown to life. Luckily, every type of bride can find a headpiece to suit their style; the vintage bride should choose something with exposed metal to complete her look, whereas the glamorous bride should choose a piece that sits high on the head in order to create drama. Before shopping for your perfect headpiece, have a think about whether your hair will be up or down as this will affect your choice. Remember the shade of the accessory you choose should match your gown in order to create a seamless look.


Bridal Earrings

Bridal style wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful pair of earrings, they highlight the neck and jawline and add shimmer to every bride’s face. When choosing your earrings consider the shape of your neckline, can you go dramatic and dropped? This is a great style for strapless or sweetheart necklines. Vintage dresses can benefit from dramatic earrings too, it doesn’t always have to be the case that a detailed dress must have simple accessories, however if you’ve chosen a headpiece you may want to choose simple studs so as not to overwhelm your look.


Bridal Style

There is nothing more exciting than planning a wedding, and shopping for your wedding dress and accessories to match is a memory you will cherish for a lifetime. Once you’ve picked the perfect gown there are plenty of opportunities to bring your bridal party back together to find the perfect accessories for your big day. The jewellery you choose has the ability to bring your whole look together and frame the focal point that is, of course, your dress.