Personalise mugs For A Unique Wedding favour

Best Mugs, Cards, and Other Gifts For Favours

When it comes to weddings, we all want ours to be one to remember. From the perfect dress to the perfect venue, everything about the day needs to be perfect. When all is said and done, we only get one shot at the big day, and to settle for anything less than perfection is simply not acceptable.

When the dust settles, you and your guests will be able to walk away with some great memories and fantastic photos. There are, however, other ways of giving people lasting memories. Supplying each guest with a favour is a lovely, personal touch that can make everyone feel just that little bit more welcome at your wedding. Everyone likes a chocolate truffle (or a chocolate hamper) handed over inside one of the best mugs of their favourite couple they’ve ever seen.

What Are Wedding Favours?

Weddings favours are small – often personalised – gifts given as a token of gratitude and friendship to guests at a wedding. They will often be handed out during the ceremony, or left at the people’s places at the reception.

The tradition of wedding favours is an old one, believed to have been started by European Aristocrats. Originally called bonbonniere, they were a small trinket box made or crystal, porcelain or precious stones. The contents of these boxes were often sugar cubes or chocolate truffles, as sugar was highly valued at the time.

The practice of wedding favours has continued through time and has become and inexpensive yet thoughtful way of showing one’s appreciation of one’s guests. We’ve collated some examples of what you can provide as wedding favours for your guests.

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Iain Burnett’s Award Winning Truffles

Everyone loves a good bit of chocolate. With boutique, gourmet chocolatiers on the rise, getting hand-crafted and personalised chocolates is easier than ever. The classic gift is a chocolate truffle, one of life’s little moments of decadence. No one should be worried about what they eat at a wedding, and what better way to celebrate a union of two souls than a union of chocolate and fruit.

Personalised Mugs


Personalised Mugs

Personalise mugs For A Unique Wedding favour


Keep calm and consider personalised mugs as your wedding favour. Being able to print what you like on the mugs means you can either keep the favour in line with the theme of the wedding, personalise each mug for individual guests or leave them with a dated mug to remind them of their time at your wedding. A contemporary classic, the durability and pricing on mugs mean they are a strong contender for favour of the moment.

Summer Wedding – Sunglasses

There’s nothing better than kicking back in a well fitted suit or a flattering dress on a lovely lawn with a pair of shades to complete the look. Summer is the preferred season for weddings but not everyone has – or remembers to bring – their own sunglasses. Avoid your guests from having to squint to see you say yes by providing a set of sunglasses for everyone. They don’t have to be expensive and guests will appreciate the effort.

Winter Wedding – Lip Balm

Along the same lines as the sunglasses, lip balm is a perfect winter wedding gift. Chapped lips are no laughing matter, especially if some bubbly will be pass over them, so make sure your guests are comfortable and able to enjoy your food and wine by providing them all with lip balm.

A Classy Hangover Kit

Not only are weddings big days, they are also big nights. Ensure your guest’s well-being the morning after by providing a thoughtful hangover kit before it all kicks off. Ideas for things to include are painkillers, eye masks, electrolyte fluids such as Lucozade, and a new will to live.