A Bride’s Guide To Great Wedding Photographs

A Bride’s Guide To Great Wedding Photographs

If you’re lucky, you’re going to take some great pictures on your wedding day. Why leave everything up to chance, though? If you want to maximize your odds of capturing great wedding snapshots, take a little time to prepare yourself. These tips can help.

Practice Showing Off Your Smile

This might feel a bit unnatural, but showing off a winning smile is a skill that you can practice and improve over time. When your big day rolls around, you want to be able to flash a natural, comfortable smile without any big effort. Dr John Fagbemi, a cosmetic dentist in London who has been through countless cosmetics ad campaigns, recommends selecting a few great photos to use as inspiration. You can either clip pictures out of magazines or choose a few of your own best snapshots – or do both. Tape your inspirational photos to your mirror and spend a little time copying the poses and expressions yourself.

Invest In Whiter Teeth

Smiling with confidence is easier when you know your teeth are looking their best. Lay the groundwork for great wedding day smiles by using a whitening product like Crest’s 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips. In order to get the most out of these products, start off by getting a full cleaning at your dentist’s office to get rid of excess plaque. It’s helpful to switch to a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth before you start using whitening strips, too.

Get A Fresh Manicure

Keep in mind that your engagement ring is going to attract plenty of photographic attention! Give it the best possible background by beautifying your fingers before your wedding. Jasmine Star, the celebrated wedding photographer to the rich and famous, always reminds her clients to get a manicure in anticipation of engagement or wedding photography.

Study Up On Your Photographer’s Work

Before your own photo sessions, ask your photographer to provide some reference material. Study the sorts of photos your photographer likes so that you’ll know what to expect when it’s your turn in front of the lens. For those living across the pond in the beautiful, romantic city of Toronto you should have a look at Focus Photography who are known for their outstanding work in wedding photography.

Pick The Perfect Location

According to Star, virtually any location can work for fantastic wedding photos as long as it’s a place where both you and your new spouse feel comfortable. Do a little research and make sure you fulfill any bureaucratic requirements (e.g. getting permits to photograph in a public park) prior to scheduling your shoot. 

Test Your Hair And Makeup Choices

It’s a great idea to field test your hair and makeup in front of the camera prior to your wedding so that you know exactly what sort of results you’ll get. As a general rule of thumb, wear primer underneath your foundation in order to minimize excess shine from camera flashes.

Use Your Eyes When You Smile

Treat the camera like a person and throw it a genuine smile. You don’t have to show your teeth if you don’t want to; concentrate on the happiness of the occasion and do your best to communicate how you feel. 

Pose Like A Model

For some great wedding snapshots, pose the way the professionals do. Angle yourself away from the camera so that the profile you’re presenting is slimmer. Lean back on your rear foot and smile. If you prefer one side over the other, make sure that’s the one you put forward. Practice your posing until you’ve got a comfortable position that makes you look great.

Play Up Your Eyes

Tilt your chin toward the camera, raise your eyebrows, and look up. This makes your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Drop your shoulders at the same time to make your neck look better.

Keep Some Space Between Your Arms And Body

This will keep your waistline looking trim and also show off your arms at their best.

Keep Your Bouquet Low

Don’t give the impression that you’re trying to hide your face or dress in your bouquet. Hold your forearms low at a 45-degree angle to make your torso look longer and trimmer.


Your Choice of Photographer

The expertise and experience of your photographer will have a huge impact on the quality of your wedding photos. It is recommended to hire a professional who not only specialises in big events but also in intimate moments such as weddings and new-born children. Both aspects are equally important as you want the excitement of the party to be captured in your photos as well as the emotions felt by the bride, groom and the relatives and friends. Close-ups of the elderly members of your family and the youngest, such as children and babies will make great memories to look back on in years to come. C A Neil Photography is a professional in new-born photography.