Get Creative –  DIY and Money Saving tips Perfect for your Budget

Get Creative – DIY and Money Saving tips Perfect for your Budget


When you hear that the average UK wedding costs £30,000 we wouldn’t be surprised it if put you off the idea of a wedding all together, but with so many hand crafted options available wedding trends are suddenly changing from who can splurge the most, to who can save the most. Today four out of five couples choose to DIY at least one part of their day and one in three even hold the ceremony in their homes. Of course, not all of us can fit our sprawling number of friends and extended family into your 1 bedroom flat, so what tips are out there for budding DIY brides?

The Dress

DIY doesn’t have to mean getting the glue gun out, instead why not simply become the master of your own destiny? In this case, “doing it yourself” means going forth and finding the perfect bargain dress, rather than just waiting for the bridal store owner to hand you the most expensive one of the rail. We know the dress is one of the most important aspects of your big day, and we wouldn’t dream of asking you to ditch the tradition in favour of  her jeans, but why not consider sample sales in place of traditional high-end boutiques? Sales are ideal for the quirky bride who likes to wear something a little less than traditional as these one-off pieces can often end up in the sale rack just waiting for their fashion forward bride to find them.


The Venue

Not all weddings have to be held in a hotel, why not head off the beaten track and source a gorgeous country house? Using a venue like this means you’re not tied into package deals that many traditional venues offer such as the house-band  or the inflated drinks prices. Your guests may end up staying the entire weekend, which will help towards the cost of the venue as your guests will be paying for their own rooms.

The Invitations

With the average cost of wedding invitations coming in at £271 it’s no wonder people are looking into alternative options. Etsy offers some gorgeous printable wedding invites for as little as £5, of course, you’ll have to pay for the paper and ink but it will be a fraction of the cost compared to typical pricing. Alternatively, try Vistaprint for extremely cheap self-designed cards. Of course, to save even more money you could simply email your invites to your friends and family, but do so at our own risk you as you never know what could be accidentally filtered into the spam folder!

The Flowers


Redecorating the entire venue is a daunting task, and might leave you with some extra cash, but the stress of transporting your flowers, keeping them alive and coming up with designs could end up being all too stressful. A smart way to stay money savvy is to ask the experts for help decorating the venue, but take control of your bouquets yourself. What’s more, you can compare flower prices at MySupermarket to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Here’s our “how to” guide that guarantees a beautiful hand-made bunch:

  • Prep your flowers, de-thorn and remove the leaves from your stems
  • Begin with 2-3 base flowers, this will act as an anchor the rest of your bouquet.
  • As you add more flowers, wrap your stems with floral tape, this adds support and keeps the design cohesive.
  • As you wrap, aim for 1-2 inches of stem visible at the top and 1-4 inches visible at the bottom
  • Mix textures and colours to create interest
  • Consider composition and how your bouquet will look in photos
  • Finally, wrap with a ribbon that matches your colour theme and secure with a pin.

One of the most rewarding aspects is not simply saving money, but filling your day with personal touches that will give you lifelong memories. Regardless of how crafty you are, there are plenty of ways to get involved with a DIY wedding that will make any bride on a budget smile!