How to Plan your Wedding like an Expert


Planning a wedding is a task unlike any other, and knowing how to execute it like a true professional is a sure way to have your day running like clockwork. Thankfully, we’ve compiled the top tips for planning your wedding right here so you can learn some essential tips before planning for the big day gets under way!

Consider the Guest List

The first thing to think about when booking a venue is the number of guests you want at your wedding. You will need enough room for everybody to move freely, as well as waiters, the band and photographer! You will need a minimum of 25 square feet per guest. Check out the footprint of possible locations and score off any that are too small.

Location Lockdown

When planning your wedding know you know how many guests you want and where you want the nuptials to take place you should look ahead at your calendar for days where your dream venue might be unavailable. Consider marathons, street fairs and annual conferences. Knowing these dates are ahead of schedule will avoid disappointment when you go to book your dream day.

Give yourself some Credit


Weddings are  an expensive business. A typical wedding in Britain costs an average of £30,000! However, you can combat this by signing up to the best credit card schemes available at the time. This could be 0% interest, shopping rewards or airline miles. Perfect for the honeymoon!

Remember your Budget might have to Budge.

Your budget might need some wiggle room; always leave five to ten per cent of our budget for surprises. You’ll thank yourself later. If there are no surprises or extra costs, you can simply enjoy the money! It’s a win-win.

Wedding Budget Guide

  • 48-50% Reception
  • 8-10% Flowers
  • 8-10% Entertainment
  • 10-12% Photographer
  • 2-3% Invites
  • 2-3% Gifts
  • 8% – Miscellaneous (wedding planner etc)

Who Ya Gonna Call?

We know that DIY is all the rage, and with Pinterest taking over the world it seems like everyone is crafting every aspect of their wedding. Don’t feel obliged to undertake these mammoth tasks if you’re useless with a glue gun. It’s OK to pay someone to do these tasks for you, committing to crafts may end with frustration and the dreaded appearance of  the bridezilla. Call in the experts so you can enjoy the process more.

Spreadsheets Are Your Friend

Investing time in a planning system will save you hours of panic. You might have your wedding planning guides, bridal magazines, flyers and hand scribbled notes all over the house but if you consolidate all your tasks into one GoogleDoc you can keep track of your planning with ease. Event Management companies can even help here. Colour code your system using a traffic light system;

  • Red – Not started
  • Amber – In progress
  • Green – Complete

Planning your wedding can be stressful, but remember it’s leading to the happiest day of your life. By planning like a pro you will be able to slow down and watch everything take shape. Follow these essential tips to avoid any bridal bad moods and planning panics!