Suit up in Style – What Every Groom Should Know

When making the biggest commitment of your life, there’s only one way to do it, and that’s looking the best ...
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Suit up in Style 

What Every Groom Should Know

When making the biggest commitment of your life, there’s only one way to do it, and that’s looking the best you’ve ever looked. All eyes will be on you and your soon-to-be spouse so it’s time, once and for all that you delved into the world of wedding fashion. From suits to accessory trends we’ve got you covered.

Suit Up

You’re no doubt stressed enough already, by the way, who is sitting where? So the experts at Your Wedding Guide thought we’d give you a helping hand choosing the most suitable suit for your big day!



The tuxedo has been a popular choice for years with grooms; it sits comfortably between the opulence of the morning suit and the relaxed feel of a lounge suit. What could be more perfect for the big day? One of the greatest benefits of investing in a tuxedo for your wedding day is the post-wedding wear you’ll get out of it. Unlike the bride’s dress which is destined to hang in the cupboard until the end of time, a great quality tuxedo can be worn to every party, ball and ceremony you’re ever invited to.

Purchasing a black tuxedo can never be a mistake, the colour suits every skin tone and hair colour and is guaranteed to give you the much coveted bond look.

The Morning Suit


There’s nothing quite like tradition, and the morning suit has tradition all over it! The tailcoat, dress shirt, waistcoat and trousers oozes luxury but, chances are unless you have a secret royal relative or a nice, fat, offshore account, there isn’t much point purchasing one of these babies since they tend to eye wateringly expensive and it will never see the light of day again.

If the tradition and luxury of a morning suit is something you have in mind for your wedding, we recommend hiring, and spending the savings elsewhere. Like the bar.

The Lounge Suit

Weddings aren’t always the formal affair they used to be, many of us are opting for a far more relaxed feel than the weddings of yester-year, and with this comes relaxed tailoring! Opting for a slim-fit lounge suit allows you to look modern, comfortable but yet incredibly stylish. These styles are ideal in both single and double breasted jackets depending on the body type of the groom.


A trend that has creeped up on us in the last few years has been the arrival of pairing separate pieces. This creates a modern, casual look which is looking big for 2016. All you need is a killer blazer you love, and a pair of complimentary trousers. Clash colours, add pattern, the choice is yours for this fashion-forward option! It’s probably a good idea to stalk your favourite male celebrities for inspiration for this one, or you may end up clashing.


This is your wedding day after all, why not go all out and have a custom suit made that will last a lifetime. Off-the-rack is fine, but there is no feeling like sliding on a suit that has been customised to fit every inch of you to perfection. Don’t leave this option until the last minute though; many tailors will require 12 weeks in order to create the perfect suit.

Wedding Accessories

You didn’t think you were finished just because the suit’s been chosen, did you? Choosing the right accessories allows your wedding outfit to tie in with the colour scheme of the day, and of course your lucky bride. With these final flourishes the whole day will come together in perfect matching harmony.


When dressing for any formal occasion, cufflinks are essential and a brilliant way to show off your unique personality. You may already have a beloved pair, gifted to you from years gone that hold great meaning by that can adorn, or you can use this opportunity to show your sense of humour and truly reflect your style. From monogrammed heirlooms to faux lego bricks, there’s a cufflink to suit every personality.

Pocket Handkerchief

The pocket handkerchief if cemented in British history as a formalwear accessory, so why shy away from this tradition on your wedding day? Much like the cufflinks, this is the perfect opportunity to add your personality to your wedding outfit, are you a neat square, or a flamboyant fold? It’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour or pattern to the would-be humble suit. Of course, all you have to do now is learn how to fold it..


Ah, the humble sock, what’s best about this accessory is there is no fiddling about with them unlike other more complex accessories. We know you’ll be shaking enough without the added stress of folding a pocket handkerchief or grappling with cufflinks. The trend of the patterned sock doesn’t look to be slowing down, and we love it. You can be as sentimental or as stylish as you like, and don’t forget to create unique photos with your stylish be-socked groomsmen.

There you have it, everything you need to know about how to style yourself for the big day. Now all you have to do is get married.

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