Top 7 Best Stag Weekend Activities for the Water Enthusiasts

Top 7 Best Stag Weekend Activities for the Water Enthusiasts

Stag weekends are specifically designed for creating the best memories. Every group is different and wants different things to try during this escapade, especially if the said stag weekend is abroad.

Some want to sample the nightlife of the city they are visiting. Others expect some thrilling sport activities, pumping with adrenaline. Nobody is the same, but one thing is for certain: every group has specific activities in mind.

This article will address to those who are absolutely enamoured with water-themed activities, both extreme and tame.

If you are the best man, responsible with organizing the whole stag weekend, then you have to take into account everybody’s hobbies and wishes. But first and foremost, the stag’s!

Stag Destinations: Which Are the Best for Water Aficionados

There are plenty destinations for water lovers all over the world, but you have to choose something feasible for a single weekend. You wouldn’t like the time spent on travel to be longer than the time spent on actually having fun.

First of all, try to ask all your buddies, including the stag, what would their perfect destination be like. It has to be near the ocean or the sea, of course, but you have to take into account something very important: the budget.

Otherwise, you may choose Ibiza or an exclusive island, but you want to have fun, not ruin the family budget. In this case, there are a few perfect stag weekend destinations, like Ayia Napa or Paphos, in Cyprus. These are the places you are looking for!

The Best Water-Themed Activities You Should Definitely Try During the Stag Weekend

If you’re really into water activities, then you’re in luck, because in exotic locations like Greece or Cyprus you can sample almost everything water related. Don’t worry about the budget, though, because you have to option to book a company that will help you, the stag and your buddies to spend a stag weekend in style.

But let’s see first and foremost which are the best activities you can enjoy:

  1. Wakeboarding and Water Skiing – ready for the most awesome and thrilling experience? This is the perfect stag weekend package for you and your mates!
  2. Fishing Tour – if you and the boys are absolutely crazy about fishing, then you have the chance of a lifetime to create the perfect relaxing experience
  3. Jet skiing – nothing better than hopping on a jet and riding it at high speed over the waves
  4. Scuba diving – this is the closest you’re going to get to the water flora and fauna, while you slide without a care in the world under the sea
  5. Under sea walking – this new trend is getting bigger and bigger, because this involves walking like you’re on the moon, only you are under water with all your mates
  6. Boat cruising – try the luxury experience of a yacht or boarding a pirate ship, with all your friends
  7. Kayaking – ready to put the king in kayaking? Then take the stag for a spin on a kayak trip, pumped with adrenaline while conquering the fury of the sea

This is our best top 7 water activities for a spectacular stag weekend abroad. Of course, there are many more others, which are ready for you to enjoy during your trip.

As you’ve already read, there are specialized companies that can help you with the whole stag weekend abroad planning. One of them is Eventhuse, which has local teams in each destinations that can show you a good time and enable you or the most adventurous stag weekend you can possibly imagine.