Nailed it! How to Perfectly Prep your Hands for your Wedding

Nailed it! How to Perfectly Prep your Hands for your Wedding


Often overlooked, your hands play a big role in your wedding day – especially the left one! All eyes will cast down to you and your groom’s ring hands as the vows are made and the ring is placed pride of place on your finger.

No matter if you’re a seasoned mani-pedi fan or a complete novice you’ll want to ensure your hands look their best on your big day. Follow these tips for strong and healthy hands and nails before the biggest day of you and your left hand’s life.

Parched palms?

Suffering from dry skin can be a persistent problem for many of us, but luckily there are many creams on the market designed to specifically target this problem. Ingredients such as Shea and cocoa butter are some of nature’s best natural moisturisers. Shea butter contains vitamin A and E which can help repair skin damage and cocoa butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP), which helps ease dermatitis and rashes.

Applying these products liberally will help retain moisture and increase the skin’s elasticity in time for tying the knot, though it’s worth noting that those suffering from dry skin should avoid creams with lots of fragrance or acids as this can exacerbate the problem.

No more nasty nails

Nails suffer as a result of our increasingly busy lives; whether it’s wrestling with packages (So. Much. Tape!) or hammering the boxing bag in the gym, our poor nails need some respite. If you suffer from dry hands, it’s likely you’ve accepted the fact that your nails are doomed to the same flaky state, but think again! Cuticle oils provide a healthy dose of hydration to your lackluster fingertips. Your cuticles protect your nails from infection, so it’s vital they’re in good shape especially in the run up to your big day.

When browsing the aisles look for ingredients like Vitamin E, almond oil or jojoba oil. To apply the cream correctly, dab it over the entire nail and cuticle, and massage it in. Applied liberally at night gives the cream plenty of time to soak in resulting in healthy, strong cuticles ready to fight infection!


In the buff

Not all brides go for a professional manicure before their wedding day, but it’s worth spending some time ensuring your nails are in good condition so you can flaunt your fabulous left hand with confidence at the reception.

Buffing your nails creates a smooth the surface and removes any ridges and can even remove the need for nail polish altogether by leaving an even and shiny surface. Buffers come with 4 labeled sides to guide you easily through the process.

  • 1. File nail to the desired shape
  • 2. Buff each nail in the same direction, don’t use more than 4-5 strokes
  • 3. Smooth out smaller ridges and gives shine
  • 4. Create further shine

Apply a clear top coat for extra durability and shine, and for picture perfect nails consider a nude or blush colour to create an even, flawless look.

Tip top fingertips


The countdown is on, and the wedding is tick, tick ticking closer, you’re probably a bag of nerves and what could be worse than adding to that stress than ruining the nails you’ve spent so long perfectly preparing? What’s more your nails aren’t the only thing you want to keep in check before the day so take solace in lifestyle advice sites that can give you further  help about life issues information and reduce the stress you might feel running up to the big day.

To protect against damage in the final hours avoid exposing your hands to chemicals such as household cleaning products and nail polish removed which contain acetone. These will immediately dry out your hands and all your good work will have been in vain. If only it were so simple to avoid housework, but unfortunately we know someone has to do it, and it’s usually us! Commit to wearing rubber gloves to avoid any unwanted damage.

By now, your buffer, almond oil cocoa and Shea butter will be handbag staples so make sure after washing your hands apply the moisturisers to rehydrate your hands.

We all know prevention is better than cure, so if booking a manicure before your big day aim to have the appointment as close to the date as possible to avoid unnecessary abuse to those delicate fingertips.

Whether indulging in luxurious pre-wedding treatments or opting for simple, natural nails your wedding day is a day to shine with confidence from tip to tip follow these simple guidelines for soft radiant hands, perfect for saying “I do”.