Have you Caught on to the Naked Cake Trend?

Have you Caught on to the Naked Cake Trend?

Once the wedding cake was  an unchanging mass of buttercream, sandwiched between dense fruit cake all enveloped in sticky sweet royal icing, but no longer! Today there are amazing varieties of cakes available to suit every taste, with the most notable trend of the last few years being the ever present cupcakes. But if you’ve had enough of this twee design and fancy something a bit more rustic for your big day then why not try the Naked Cake design? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

This is one case of nakedness that is encouraged in public and instead of layering up with traditional icing, the cake instead is only filled between the sponge layers giving a simplistic, fresh feel.

Like most trends, when it first appeared many brides-to-be were appalled. Think back to when skinny jeans crept on to the scene, we all proclaimed we would never wear them, but now they’re a staple in our wardrobe. Over time, the naked cake grew in popularity and with the many ways to uniquely style this blank canvas the sky is truly the limit. Take a look at these stunning style and be truly inspired to get naked. (Source Martha Stewart)

Celebrity Style

If you’re still not convinced, what would you think if we told you that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend (#couplegoals) splurged on a 4 tiered naked masterpiece for their nuptials? Filled with cream cheese frosting and decorated with roses, petals and candlelight this beautiful AFM Banqueting Milano cake evokes the ultimate romantic feeling.


Naked Inspiration

We all know you’re supposed to get naked on your wedding night, though if you can’t wait until the reception is over but don’t want to risk arrest then why not choose this gorgeous naked cake sprinkled with delicate coconut flakes?This creates a one-of-a-kind twist on the classic white wedding cake, bringing it straight into the 21st century. Topped with dancing bears,  and surrounded by woodland sprigs, this rustic design fits in perfectly with an outdoor wedding.naked-cake-design2

Change up the Flavours

Years ago, fruit cake was the only option for wedding cakes, but (thankfully) that isn’t the case anymore. Why not take inspiration from this pumpkin cake, perfect for autumnal vows. The contrast of the frosting and deep orange layers create the perfect place for these juicy blackberries and flowers to rest. Top your cake with love heart shaped sparklers for some extra drama.naked-cake-design3

Something Old, Something New

Just because you’re going in a modern direction with your cake, it doesn’t mean you can’t still hold on to tradition. This square naked cake was designed to recreate the traditional Italian millefoglie wedding cake which is made with puff pastry and Chantilly cream. The deer nestled by the base echo the woodland theme the strawberries and foliage create. Creating a twist on a classic is a sure fire way to keep your guests talking about your big day for months to come.naked-cake-design4

Adorn your Cake with Flowers

When opting for a naked cake, you might worry the cake will look too simplistic, but you can be as adventurous as you like. This mouth-watering carrot cake is dripping in white carnations, leaves, and stock flowers. With all this beauty, there is no need for icing. Match your buttercream to the decorations you choose to create a cohesive themenaked-cake-design5

Naked ? yes! Boring? no!


Just because you’ve gone naked, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the wow-factor with your cake. This stunning pistachio wedding cake is simple, yet effective. Layered with tangy lemon syrup and garnished with the crunchy nuts this delicious cake looks almost healthy.


Your wedding day wouldn’t be complete without the cutting of the cake at the end of your reception. Choosing the right cake really is..well, the icing on the cake (sorry). With endless flavour combinations and decor ideas, you can go to town and design a cake that fits your wedding theme perfectly. For a modern feel to your day, step away from tradition and get naked!