Glasgow Gym’s Top Tips for Wedding Workout Plans

Glasgow Gym’s Top Tips for Wedding Workout Plans

Glasgow Gym, Anytime Fitness St Enoch, give us their top tips for brides who are looking to get in shape. Your wedding may be a couple of years away but finding the dress that fits perfectly for you is s a struggle many brides face.
Crash dieting is not the answer. A balanced exercise routine post engagement should be enough to get you’re feeling good about your bridal body. Make sure you are fighting fit ahead of your wedding day, with a workout regime that can fit around all of your other wedding duties.

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Arm Workouts: The Strapless Dress

Toned arms are something that many of our brides ask their personal training Glasgow instructor. The strapless dress is a bridal favourite, as its romantic style captures the hearts of many British wives to- be.
There are few exercises that can help you tone up your upper half:

  • Plank Shoulder Taps: Start in a full plank position, making sure that your feet are hip-width apart. Get moving by tapping your left shoulder with your right hand and then do this for your other arm. This should be done in 20 reps, for two sets.
  • Rotating Triceps and Shoulder Press: Anytime Fitness also encourage their customers to pick up some free weights. There are two parts to this workout: stand with your feet wide apart and your knees, slightly bent holding the weights at your torso area.Once you are in position, rotate your torso to the right, turning your left hip forward. Make this move slightly easier by lifting your left heel up as the right arm extends over your head. Do this exercise for the same amount of time?
  •  Triceps Press-Ups: Just like you did with the first exercise, start by getting into full plank position. For this one, it is important that you bend your knees giving your body extra support.

Your Toes should be pointed on the floor. Once you are in position engage your abs and bend your elbows in by the sides of your lower body. Make sure that your right leg extends behind your hip. Once you have done this push yourself back up and lower your right leg and return to start. Repeat, using your other leg and do this 16x.

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Leaner Legs: The Mermaid Dress

Does your wedding dress show off your luscious legs? Make sure you are not skipping leg day with our quick and easy wedding workouts.

  • Shifting Side Lunge: We told you it would be quick and easy! Lunges are a great way to shape up. Get your lower half working! Start by standing with your feet together, and hold two dumbbells by your sides.
    This is a fairly easy exercise to understand so take a wide step out to your right and start lunging! Use the dumbbells by reaching out on either side of your right leg. For this exercise to really work try doing it in a wide squat position, reaching the dumbbells out to the floor in front of you.
  • The Squat: The squat challenge is one! Start this exercise by standing straight with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. While you are lowering into the squat position, keep your chest lifted and maintaining a neutral spine. Once you are in this position you can then lower into a deep squat. Try reaching both arms to the floor.

    The Ballgown: Moving Your Middle

Are you wearing a busty ballgown on your wedding day? Get the perfect hourglass shape without waist training workouts.

  • Twisting V-Up: This exercise is done facing up with your arms by your sides. Waist training is all about engaging your core. Hold in your stomach and lift one of your legs about 45 degrees, as you are doing this lift your upper body off the mat, twisting from your waist. Amp up the exercise by touching the outside of your raised leg.

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  • Plank with Hip Drop: Once you are in plank position, keep your upper body still while your drop your hips to the left. Once you have done this return to normal plank position and reps for the other side 15x.

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These exercises alongside a personal training routine at Glasgow gym, Anytime fitness, will boost your confidence in no time at all. Exercise is also a great way to de-stress and will help you stay calm during the planning process. These exercises are simple, why not try them out at home?