Rare Whiskies: The Traditional Scottish Wedding Gift

Rare Whiskies: The Traditional Scottish Wedding Gift


“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.”

Mark Twain

Many would argue that just like marriage, whisky only gets better over time. Known as the “water of life”, whisky is a traditional wedding gift that the bride and groom can cherish for years’ to come.

Are you attending a beautiful wedding day set in the Scottish Highlands? The Rare Malt Whisky Company has a selection of vintage whiskies, that are beyond anything you will find on the high street.

If you are unsure of the type of whisky you should buy as a wedding gift, The Rare Malt Whisky company have prepared a complete guide for whisky lovers.

The Whisky Collectors Choice

A Bowmore whisky should always be cracked open during a Scottish wedding ceilidh. Bowmore whiskies are distilled and matured with expertise. This whisky brand has been loved by generations of highlanders and each bottle “is a hidden gem awaiting discovery”.

The Rare Malt Whisky Company stocks the most exclusive bottles of Bowmore that the UK has to offer. Lesley Henderson for the owner of the business says that “every single bottle we present to you will be in some way significant: for example, it may be a single cask edition or a one-time release bottling”. The brand takes pride that they only source the top Scottish malts.

Islay whisky is known worldwide for being incredibly special, which makes I such a popular choice as a wedding gift. Lesley currently stocks a selection of Bowmore whiskies on her website and says that the Bowmore 20-Year-Old Hand-Filled Single Cask “is a truly special malt”. Although Islay whisky extremely famous, a Bowmore single malt scotch is just one choice for rare whiskies for weddings.

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Glenmorangie Whisky Perfect for Wedding Gifts

The Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish is a very rare, discontinued release of Glenmorangie whisky. This whisky extremely desirable to connoisseur as it spent 10 years in bourbon casks before being transported to Port Pipes. The particular bottle stocked by Rare Malt Whisky Company is 12 Years Old and they only have one bottle available.

If your wedding couple enjoys all things vintage, then this bottle features an old style label. The rarity of this bottle is unbelievable and it will soon become impossible to source!

Rare Whisky Gifts

If you are looking for a whisky that is simply a one of a kind, then Louise recommends the Discontinued Bruichladdich Laddie 10. The bottle which is available to buy online Is 10 years old and as it is discontinued it is extremely desirable to whisky collectors. At only £70 this bottle is the perfect price point for a wedding gift.


What Whisky Should I Pick for My Wedding Toast?

Champagne doesn’t have to be the drink of choice for your wedding toast. A rare malt whisky is not only traditional but a “wee dram” is perfect for a wedding toast. Celebrate with your guests, the Scottish way with whisky, kilts and a speech that even Robert Burns would have been proud of! Robbie Burns loved scotch whisky so much that he even wrote a poem about it:

“Gie him strong drink until he wink,
That’s sinking in despair;
An’ liquor guid to fire his bluid,
That’s prest wi’ grief and care:
There let him bouse, an’ deep carouse,
Wi’ bumpers flowing o’er,
Till he forgets his loves or debts,
An’ minds his griefs no more.”

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If you also have a passion for Scotland’s most popular drink, The Rare Malt Whisky company have the perfect malt to wash down the wedding speeches. The Rare Malt Whisky company recommend the Royal Brackla 1978 as a “splendid after dinner malt”.

The dry finish, Royal Brackla is an excellent choice for those who enjoy flowery aromas and some ginger on the nose. It is a rich-bodied whisky that is full of sweetly honeyed flavours.


If you are looking for a whisky gift, visit The Rare Malt Whisky Company for so more inspiration.