Butterfly Release Wedding

Butterfly Release Wedding

Your wedding is a significant day. It is the special day you and your soon to be spouse get to celebrate the love you have for one another. To make your wedding amazingly special, it should be full of various things that are meaningful to both of you.Everything you put into your wedding has its place and significance. A Painted Lady Butterfly Release Wedding can really make your wedding day stand out, being memorably unique.

Butterflies for Weddings are Unique and Memorable

Weddings you may have been a part of have probably been somewhat similar to this scenario. There might be a few things here and there that make each wedding special to each couple, but for the most part, they follow the typical wedding ritual. Releasing butterflies during a wedding is an added touch that really sets your ceremony apart, as it symbolizes the joining of your two souls as you embark on your new life together, full of hopes and dreams. It shows the importance of your wedding ceremony in a tangible way and, as an added bonus, provides delight for guests of all ages.

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Butterfly Release Wedding during Lindsay & Joey Miller’s Wedding Ceremony.

Painted Lady Butterflies Bring Together a Special Theme to Your Wedding

The Painted Lady Butterfly is the perfect addition to a spring themed wedding, or even a butterfly themed wedding, because of all that they symbolize.

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There are such a variety of ways to incorporate butterflies into your wedding that no two will be alike. Butterflies can be embroidered onto the wedding dress, be part of the decor, and even be a delicious embellishment on the cake. You can even give away butterfly wedding favors, such as butterfly shaped cookies or seeds (in a decorated container) that will grow into butterfly friendly flowers.But the ultimate way to complete the butterfly or springtime wedding theme is to release live painted lady butterflies at the end of your ceremony.

Butterflies Provide Amazing Photo Opportunities

Painted Lady Butterflies are sociable and tend to stick around for a while after being released. They fly at a much slower pace than other butterfly species. They will enjoy interacting withwith you and your wedding guests, landing on the bride’s veil, a bouquet of flowers, a guest’s hand or on a nearby table. These various occurrences make for some fun and memorable photos that will make your wedding album something amazing.

Butterflies Add Special Moments for Newlyweds

Butterflies are a stunning addition to an outdoor wedding ceremony. They can be set in butterfly cages, to be released once the wedding ceremony is complete. Or, you can release butterflies during the ceremony itself. One way to do a butterfly release is for you and your betrothed to release a single butterfly after each vow, as you send your loving promises out into the open on the wings of each one for all to witness. Or, as a couple, you may choose to hold a mass release, where several butterflies are let go at the same time from a single, decorative box. After you are pronounced married, you can turn to your family and friends and lift the lid off a special box and release a host of butterflies to fly freely among everyone.

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Butterfly Release Wedding at Jon & Trish’s Wedding Ceremony.

Yet another way to bring wonderment to your guests is to have your wedding party, including your ring bearer and flower girls, to release individual envelopes each containing a single butterfly when you exchange rings. Imagine the surprise and delight on your guests’ faces when butterflies appear seemingly out of nowhere when you place your rings on each other’s fingers.

Get Wedding Guests Involved

You may want to have every one of your wedding guests involved on your special day, really making them feel integral to your ceremony. When your guests arrive, the ushers can hand each guest an envelope with an inscription of your names and the date, and let them know to handle that envelope with care. With a signal, your family and friends can stand and release the single Painted Lady Butterfly inside the envelope as you and your new spouse head back down the aisle as newlyweds when the ceremony is complete. It’s a unique version of throwing rice, only no one gets grains stuck in their hair or in their eyes and no big mess to clean up afterwards.

Video: Butterfly Release Wedding

Butterfly Release Wedding at Erika & Ed’s Wedding Ceremony.

During the individual butterfly release among your guests – to make them feel extra important, have them whisper a wish or blessing for you prior to opening the envelope and releasing their butterflies. Doing so, they set that wish free to travel to the heavens, following along with the Native American belief of butterflies. This process can be much more special than store bought greeting cards, and it will be much more meaningful.

You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams, and every aspect of it should be special and full of meaning. Releasing butterflies on your wedding day will make your ceremony one of a kind, as these symbols of love, light and transformation will carry your wishes of hope for the future out into the world on the silent, graceful wings of a butterfly.

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