Customising Wine Labels for Your Special Day

Customising Wine Labels for Your Special Day

Your special day is finally here. You’ve spent countless hours planning, coordinating, and fine-tuning every detail of the event, from the cake to the menu to the colors to the music. Your wedding is an expression of you and your partner’s unique style and you’ve made sure that it’s communicated to your guests through the details of your celebration. There’s no reason that the labels on your wine shouldn’t also be in sync with the other coordinated details of your day!

iCustomLabel can help you complete the look of your event with personalised labels for your wine bottles. Whether your theme is romantic, modern, vintage, or anything in between, our selection of customisable labels gives you the freedom to design a wine label that will be the perfect complement for your event.

Choosing the Wine and the Bottle

When it comes to the wine for your wedding you have a lot of options: red, white, rosé, sparkling. In addition to the varietal you’re serving, you can even choose the shape of the bottle you put it in. Now, go one step further and customise the label on the bottle to complete your special look.

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Where to begin?

You’ll want to start by selecting the wine that pairs best with your menu. It’s a good idea to serve at least one red and one white at your event to try to meet the preferences of your guests. Choose neutral varietals like a Sauvignon Blanc or Fumé Blanc for white and a Pinot Noir for red. These wines tend to be versatile and are light enough to not compete with your menu, whatever the entrée or season. And don’t forget about rosé as an option. Dry rosés are affordable and pair well with just about any food and season but are especially good in the summer months.

Since your wedding day is a time to celebrate, you’ll probably have some bubbly on hand, too. Prosecco or moscato, while sometimes sweet, are elegant yet economical choices for a celebratory toast. If it’s within your budget, splurge for champagne for an upscale sparkle.

The wine you choose will most likely determine the type of bottle it’s in. There are three classic wine bottle shapes: the Bordeaux, the Burgundy, and the Alsace. The Bordeaux shape, with its characteristic straight shoulders, is typically for wines like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; while the Burgundy, with sloping shoulders, tends to hold Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The most slender and delicate of the three, the Alsace bottle, usually is for Riesling. Whatever the bottle shape you choose, we have a custom wine label to fit it! Our 3.5 x 5 inch labels fit any of these three bottle types, while our 3 x 3 is perfect for shorter, wider bottles like champagne or splits (mini wine bottles).

Once you have the wine and bottle, it’s time to design your label. We have dozens of templates to choose from or you can create your own using their simple tools. Below are just a few tips for making a wine label that is personal, special, and will complete the look of your event.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Wine Label:

You’ll want to maintain consistency with your wedding theme in every detail, including the wine bottle label. If the overall look of your wedding is modern, choose a label template with clean lines and a minimalist look. If you’ve gone with a vintage theme, add antique details to the label to match with the rest of your wedding décor and style. If there are any special flourishes that are unique to your day – like your initials or a graphic that you included in your invitation or you repeat throughout your decorations – then pick that up in the label, too. These little details on the wine label not only create overall cohesion to your event, they personalise your wine bottle to make the day even more special and memorable.

Similar to theme, you’ll want to keep the color scheme of your label consistent with the colors of your wedding. Choose a palette for the label that recalls the colors from aspects of your wedding, like the bridesmaid’s dresses or flower arrangements. For example if you’ve chosen black and gold for your wedding colors, pick up these details with a gold font or flourish on your label.

Font style is also a great way to enhance the look of the label in a way that is in keeping with your wedding theme. We have a variety of fonts to choose from that can accent romantic, modern, classic, vintage, funky, casual – virtually any style of wedding. It’s a good idea to keep the font similar to the one you used on other printed materials for your wedding, like invitations, programs, or place cards. Keeping consistent with these details will keep ensure your event is beautiful and cohesive.

There are other features we offer to personalise your label, like the option to add a photo of you and your new partner! Whether it’s sentimental or silly, a photo of the happy couple on the bottle will be a unique detail that everyone will love and remember. Be creative – the labels on your wine bottles are there to help you show off your style and memorialise your love and your special day!

Customisation is key to a unique wedding experience and the presentation of your wine bottles should be no exception. Personalising your wedding wine labels is a fun way to make sure that your wedding has that extra special touch. Whether they’re on the wine bottles served with the meals or bottles you give out as gifts to your guests, customised labels are a perfect, unique expression of your special day.