Cheat Sheet to Planning a Gorgeous Budget Wedding

Cheat Sheet to Planning a Gorgeous Budget Wedding

Weddings can be ridiculously expensive; you need to be realistic but also keep in mind that you can have your dream wedding whilst on a budget. Bear in mind that it is possible to have your perfect wedding whilst pinching the pennies.

Limit Your Guest List

One thing that people often struggle with is the guest list. It can be stressful as a lot of people get worried about offending distant friends and family members by not inviting them. What you need to remember is that people understand how expensive having a wedding can be and even if they are a bit annoyed, they’ll get over it.

Don’t Google “Honeymoon” When Looking for Honeymoons

As soon as you Google anything with “wedding” or “honeymoon” in it, the prices skyrocket. This doesn’t just apply to your honeymoon either, cakes, photographers and flowers can all be far more expensive as soon as a wedding is mentioned.

A good trick is to not book anything under the precedent of “wedding” using terms such as “celebration” or “party” normally see you getting a lower rate.

Think Outside the Box When It Comes to the Dress

For many women, all financial sense goes out of the window as soon as they walk into the dress shop. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have the dress of your dreams, but just remember that you’re on a budget.

There are ways to getting your ideal dress, at a far lower price. Vintage dresses can be a great idea, plus they are one of a kind. eBay can also be a hot spot for picking up new designer dresses at lower prices.

Focus On What Matters Most

You need to figure out what is important to you during the wedding day, the photographer, the wedding rings, the wedding venue, the honeymoon or a professional harp player to play whenever you walk in the room. Decide what is important to you and ditch things that don’t matter. Just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean you have to do it, it’s your wedding at the end of the day.

This includes ditching non-important extras such as wedding favours, a wedding video, save the dates etc.

Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

Okay, so this may not be desirable for everyone, but doing your own hair and makeup can end up saving you a fortune! At the end of the day, you know what makeup works best with your face, and you may end up being unhappy with the result of a makeup artist. If you’re like me and can’t style your hair to save your life, then you may opt to only ditch the makeup artist – but this will still save you a small fortune!

Be Flexible On the Day of the Week

Yes, having a Saturday wedding is ideal for many people. But it is also normally the most expensive due to the high demand. What you need to remember is that the people who love and care about you will come to your wedding no matter what day it is. It could be worth it to save a small fortune.