How to Dress for an Autumn Wedding

The summer wedding season may be over, but the autumn invitations continue to roll in. Here’s our guide to getting the perfect autumn wedding look.


Summer has long been considered the official wedding season. If the countless summer wedding invitations you received didn’t convince you of the season’s popularity, then the trending  #summerwedding hashtag on Instagram must have done. But it turns out that summer no longer holds the official “wedding season” title. A study by The Knot Real Weddings reveals that Autumn, and more specifically October 7th, is the most popular time to swap the “I dos”.


With so many people planning their weddings for autumn, nailing the perfect look every time can be a bit of a slog. If you’re wondering what to wear during a time where warm reds and yellows are in vogue and the weather can be crisp, check out this list of dos and don’t to getting the ultimate autumnal wedding look.


Don’t: Underestimate the Weather


Autumnal weather varies, depending on where the wedding is, but unless you’re heading off to a tropical beach setting, the weather will likely be unpredictable. As hazy hot summer days become few and far between, the weather takes a turn for the worse and darker nights and days set in. Rain clouds; ominous black skies; rising winds one moment and dazzling sunshine and blue skies the next; the erratic weather may be a hallmark of autumn, but it’s a nightmare to dress for.


The solution is to experiment with fabric. You need something that can both keep you warm and allow you to keep your cool — in this case, tweed is your best friend. Tweed is water-resistant, flexible and breathable, making it perfect for the changing weather. It’s a classic and the ultimate autumn fabric. Opt for a well-tailored, slim-fit tweed three-piece for an effortlessly sharp and practical look.


Do: Get with the Autumnal Colour Scheme


An autumn wedding is the perfect place to delve into the rich autumnal colour palette. Take inspiration from the falling leaves with rich, warm browns, reds and yellows; or the crisp skies with blues and jewelled tones. Mute and earthy tones are also a great choice for an autumn wedding.


Steer clear of soft pastel shades more commonly associated with spring and summer and give in to your darker side. With autumn, it’s all about choosing luxurious, opulent colours and understated earth tones.


Don’t: Be Afraid of Patterns


The deeper tones of classic autumnal suits provide the perfect opportunity for you to experiment with patterns and designs. Check, houndstooth and herringbone tweed are all excellent choices to elevate your suit and help you stand out from the crowd — without showing up the groom. Forget about the minimalist styles of the summer and enjoy being more bold and adventurous.


Do: Add Some Personal Flourishes


A wedding day may be about celebrating the couple, and it’s a cardinal sin to outdress the stars of the show, but who wants to blend into a sea of black suits and red ties? Little touches of character and personality are never a bad thing, but the key is to keep it simple and understated, and stick to the basics — that means no flamboyant hats or billowing capes.


Ties and pocket squares are an effortless way to add some character. Summer weddings tend to be more informal affairs; all unbuttoned shirts and sockless shoes. In contrast, autumn weddings tend to err on the more formal side, but this provides you with the perfect chance to showcase your favourite ties. Stay away from your dull, plain work ties and, instead, invest in some fun patterned ties in bold colours. Adding a pocket square in a complementary colour and pattern will add the final touch.


Do: Experiment with Textures


Autumn is a sensory season that evokes luxuriousness just in its description: think crunchy fallen leaves, silky smooth conkers encased in a prickly case, and crackling fires. Take inspiration by contrasting textures to create visual interest. Add a knitted tie over a crisp white shirt for a modern, yet dapper, look; or adorn yourself with some shiny gold cufflinks against a rough tweed suit.


Autumn weddings don’t need to be a fashion nightmare. With our dos and don’ts, you’re bound to nail your autumn wedding look every time, no matter how many invitations you receive.


Anthony Horner is the director of Empire Outlet, a luxury menswear company that provides high-quality suits and accessories at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Empire Outlet operates online and serves customers all over the world.