How to Ensure Your Wedding Day Runs as Smoothly as Possible

How to Ensure Your Wedding Day Runs as Smoothly as Possible

A wedding is never going to run 100% smoothly and to think it will, is foolish. Here are some tips on how to help ensure your wedding day runs as smooth as it possibly can.

Let Your Suppliers Do Their Job

It’s completely normal to feel stressed as your wedding day approaches. You begin to worry about everything;

“What if the cake doesn’t arrive on time?”

“What if the flowers are wrong?”

“What if the photographer is late?”

These are all reasonable worries, but you need to trust your suppliers. Their job is to provide you with whatever product/service you have ordered. They know if they don’t deliver their reputation will be damaged – and they aren’t going to want that.

Confirming details with suppliers is one thing, a continuous string of emails and phone calls is what separates a cautious bride from a bridezilla.


Make a Morning Schedule

As with everything in life, if in doubt, make a list. Timing out your wedding day won’t always go to plan, but having a rough guide will let you know if you’re on course or wildly off it. This also means that you won’t be spending all day worrying that you’ve forgotten something because everything will be written down if you do.

Plan for Comfort

Bear in mind that whatever you are wearing, you will most likely be in all day. Ensure your dress isn’t too tight and your jewellery is bearable and doesn’t constantly catch on things. Also, ensure that if you’re wearing heels that you take flats or flip flops for later. High heeled shoes are the most common thing to cause you discomfort on your big day.

Be Organised

The thing with a wedding is, you can never be too organised. There are many things that you can plan in the days running up to your wedding to make sure that the day itself isn’t as stressful. Just remember that the earlier you do everything, the easier the run up to your wedding will be. This applies to everything, including the morning of your wedding. One tip is to ensure you have everything to hand on the morning of your wedding. Strategic packing of your wedding essentials can make this a lot easier.

If you want more tips on how to be more organised then take a look at our last minute wedding tasks, to make your big day easier.


You could be the most organised person you know, that still doesn’t mean that you need to plan and run the entire wedding yourself. You will most likely have an entourage of helpers at your wedding, from bridesmaids to groomsmen – delegate tasks for them to do. There will be some tasks that you cannot do yourself, but anything that can be given to someone else to do.

Don’t feel bad about asking people to do things for you on your wedding day, it’s your day after all.