Last Minute Wedding Tasks to Help Minimise Stress on Your Big Day

Last Minute Wedding Tasks to Help Minimise Stress on Your Big Day

Here are some tips on how you can plan ahead, to make your big day as stress-free as possible.

Make a Wedding Morning Timeline

Planning out a timeline of the morning of your wedding – before the actual day – gives you a clear reminder of everything that needs to happen before you can leave. This should include all of your bridal prep time;

  • Breakfast
  • Hair and makeup (for you and your bridesmaids if you’re all using the same makeup artist/hair stylist)
  • Time for champagne
  • Time to take photos before you leave
  • The absolute latest you can leave the house

Leave Out Your MRF

Ensure that you have your Marriage Registration Form ready to go on the morning of your wedding. Give it to one of your entourage to look after and keep safe until it’s required.

Pick Up Décor

Remember to pick up any extra décor that you might need on the big day. This includes things such as;

  • Ribbons for the getaway car
  • Special cake cutting knife

Anything that is extra that you will not have on the day.

Have Everything You Need On Hand

Make sure you leave out everything you need for the big day. Many things get overlooked on the run-up to a wedding and can be forgotten about until the last minute, this is one of the main factors of wedding stress. Ensuring you know where everything is and it isn’t hidden away in boxes is essential for beating wedding stress. This includes everything including;

Anything random that may be forgotten about should be included here.

Give the Room a Quick Once Over Before You Get Ready

Whilst you’re getting ready, the photographer may be capturing the process in a series on candid photos (of course this is up to you). But if this is the case, you should check your room things like dirty mugs or laundry – y’know, things you don’t want in your wedding photos.

Make a Wedding Morning Playlist

A wedding morning playlist can be an essential part of your getting ready process. You can get ready-made pre-wedding playlists on streaming services such as Spotify. Alternatively, you can make one yourself or ask one of your bridesmaids to make one for you.

Gather Anything You Want To Be Photographed

Anything that you want to be photographed for your wedding book should be arranged before the day of the wedding and kept somewhere safe but obvious. This could include things such an invitation or a card someone has given you.


Pack Some ‘Dancing Shoes’

If you’re worried about your feet hurting as the day goes on, make sure you pack some flat shoes or flip flops that will let you dance the night away.

Confirm Timings

Confirm what time the wedding car is picking you up, what time the flowers and cake will arrive etc. This will hopefully make you feel less stressed as it will help mould your wedding morning plan.