Check out the UK’s Most Whimsical Wedding Venues

Check out the UK’s Most Whimsical Wedding Venues

Your wedding day can be many things, but boring is definitely not one of them. We’ve all been to the standard receptions, with the standard DJ and the standard buffet, but for those who are looking for something a little bit more unique than your average wedding then look no further.

Cley Windmill, Norfolk

For those in Norfolk, why not get wed in a windmill? This is ideal for smaller ceremonies with a maximum capacity of 22 including the bride and groom. What’s more, there are bedrooms available so why not stay the whole weekend and really make the most of this wonderful windmill! The ceremony takes place in the stunning round sitting room, with a balcony and garden available for photographs. – Contact – Cley Windmill

cley windmill wedding venue

Victoria Baths, Manchester

Talk about the deep end!  These unique premises provide a completely unforgettable setting to make your vows in, though be warned the building is unheated so best for June brides. This venue will have you and your guests talking about the dramatic Edwardian setting for years to come. With five different rooms to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a space right for your day. Contact – Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths Wedding Venue

The Treehouse, Alnwick

Nestled deep under a woodland canopy, this magical treehouse will bring every fairytale of your youth to life. This unbelievable setting is wrapped in thousands of twinkling lights and warmed with a real log fire. 60 guests can witness the ceremony and 85 are welcome during the seated meal. All food served at this delightful venue is prepared with local produce. Contact – Alnwick Garden


The National Marine Aquarium, Devon

This is the ultimate venue for those looking for something entirely unforgettable. The stunning sea life backdrop makes for a romantic and serene feeling. There is no license for the ceremony, but the reception will be packed full of unique underwater guests! Contact –National Marine Aquarium


Café De Paris, London

For the couples who like to get a little more dishevelled, why not opt for the glamour of the cabaret club? The venue was launched in 1924 and as hosted burlesque acts ever since. This outlandish venue can seat up to 286 guests and is ideal for those who are looking for a night that will go down in history. Contact – Cafe De Paris


Mussenden Temple, Northern Ireland

This dramatic venue is set on a cliff top with an eye watering  120 drop! This super-cultured venue has a deep history and the building is based on the Temple of Vesta in Italy, Mussenden Temple once held the Earl Bishop’s library and enjoys breath taking views out to the Atlantic Ocean. This one of a kind venue is available March 0- September only and seats up to 100 guests. Contact – Mussenden Temple


The Wookey Cave, Somerset

If you are looking for a perfect backdrop for your wedding photographers, then we have found the ultimate location for you. The Wookey Hole Caves offer stunning rock formations that have been carved into the landscape over millions of years. Surrounded by clear pools and candlelight, this is the ultimate fairytale setting to make your vows. There are three venues to choose from, with the largest holding up to 120 guests, and the smallest perfect for the most intimate ceremonies. Contact – Wookey Hole


The Great North Museum, Newcastle

Have you ever fancied saying “I do” next to a T-Rex? Well, now you can! The different gallery rooms full of amazing artefacts and coupled with their double height ceilings make for an unforgettable scene for your photographs. What’s more, the space can hold up to 500 guests, but can be sectioned off to accommodate different party sizes.  Contact – Great North Museum


Your venue will be one of our biggest expenses of your wedding day, so we know how important it is. These unique locations will help you have the most memorable day, and have your guests talking about it for years to come.