Destination Weddings: 4 Casino Resorts That Can Be Just Right

Destination Weddings: 4 Casino Resorts That Can Be Just Right

A lot of couples don’t really think about casino resorts when considering options for a destination wedding. This is perfectly understandable given that our primary associations with casino resorts are comprised of jingling slot machines and gaming tables. Really though, this is a more appropriate association with just casinos. Casino resorts tend to involve a whole lot more, from extravagant pools to luxurious spas and everything in between. Because of this, they can actually be excellent places for wedding ceremonies and receptions, and sometimes days of fun on either side.

1. ARIA Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

The Knot actually did a write-up of the ARIA Resort & Casino’s wedding services and said simply: Your wedding is a statement – say it right. That might be a little bit corny, but it’s also a very confident backing of what the ARIA has to offer. As one of the newest and most impressive resorts on the famed Las Vegas Strip, this is a breathtaking resort where all of your guests can stay comfortable and entertained for as long as they’re in town. And the resort has multiple facilities and staff equipped to handle wedding ceremonies and receptions alike. Throw in one of the best spas in a town famous for them (for all of the necessary pre- or post-wedding pampering), and you can’t ask for much more!

This Hilton Aruba is one of the casinos resorts we think would make a great wedding destination.

2. Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino – Aruba

Aruba, in general, is arguably the most underrated of Caribbean destinations. There are in fairness a lot of islands that one can visit, and a few of them – the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and a couple others – understandably dominate headlines. But there are lots of reasons to visit Aruba, from beautiful beaches to charming towns – and of course, world-class resorts. This particular resort is a fairly large complex (meaning it can be good for a bigger-than-average destination wedding guest list), and it’s more than equipped to handle weddings. Weather permitting you can even have a beautiful ceremony arranged out on the beach.

The Sands Macau is another of our suggested casino resorts which may make a good wedding destination.

3. Sands Macau – Macau, China

The Sands Macau actually made it onto another list somewhat like this, which noted a few interesting things about the destination. First and foremost, it’s one of the cornerstones of what’s become known as the Vegas of the East – a massive casino resort with all of the facilities and amenities you could possibly ask for. However, the article also pointed out that Macau is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is to say the destination itself is as interesting as the resort. Because of its reputation as a blossoming casino district, Macau is sometimes overlooked for its beauty and fascinating cultural background. Your guests may have as much fun getting to know the area as enjoying the resort itself.

The Marina Bay Sands is one of many casino resorts featured in films as a wedding destination.


4. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Perhaps this is a little bit unoriginal given that Marina Bay Sands just featured very prominently in wedding festivity scenes in the smash hit film Crazy Rich Asians. Regardless, this has become one of the most striking casino resorts in the world, and its combination of decadence and quirkiness is somewhat intoxicating. From the neon-lit gardens with treetop walkways to the infinity pool on the roof of the resort, this is a hotel complex unlike any other and makes for an incredible destination wedding concept.